Our own activities

Besides of enjoying the peace and the natural activities as the beach and the forest, you have here the possibility to get something more out of your stay.
If you have not brought your bicycle along, then you could rent one or more at ww.faaborgcykeludlejning.dk  so that you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the area, the green hills, the many well marked trails, that can lead you to many breathtaking places. There is also the possibility you could rent one or more of my 5 sea kayaks, two of them are not difficult to handle. If you are experienced enough, and the weather is OK, are there the possibility to row to the nearby islands, Or maybe do a bit of fishing from the kayaks (you shall have a fishing permit) But careful no chances, nobody shall drown themselves from my kayaks. Many places along the coast or on the islands, there are shelters where one can stay overnight. I will help you with whatever information I can, But i have also collected some links, where you yourself can seek information's for your trip planning. I have earlier rented my 2 motor boats out, but because of the high maintenance cost, I had to stop that. It is however still possible for guests who stay longer time to rent them, if we make an agreement.

The sea kayaks can be rented at www.havkajakcenterfaaborg.dk or with agreement directly with me.

The prices for the kayaks are :

2 hours = 90 DKK. / 4 hours = 120 DKK. / 1 whole day = 170 DKK. I do not rent out for more than 1 day.



Inspiration for other activities near Faaborg

Activites can be very varied and the interest very different, from person to person, but within a radius of 30 Km. there is an amazing lot of things to experience
Mid and south-fynen, offers a lot of things to discover/experience, so if you have an interest in  culture the history, shopping, gastronomy, or just a time with pleasure, the possibilities are many.
As one of the most well known, you have the possibilities to visit Egeskov Castle, here the whole family has the possibility for a good experience, as the historic castle the MC and auto museum, the beautiful gardens a large "labyrinth" a tree walk trail 15 meters in the air, from tree till tree, a fantastic restaurant and the many playgrounds. On the Egeskov castles homepage, you will find an activity calendar, where you can see what else is planned/arranged, during the time you are with us. It is not necessary to go far to experience a lot. As it is difficult to mention all the activities and things to see and do, in a litle space, please see all the links to the right on the page. You are always welcome to send me a mail with your interests, so i can return with some suggestions.

Links (Higlighted are active links)

Activities & attractions:
- Egeskov castle - For the entire family

- Hattehuset- Mostly for the ladies

- Svanninge bakker - One of Denmarks highest peaks, also offers a "Natural playground"

- Funen by horse - Experience funen horseridding

- Gorilla Park - Mostly for the daredevils and youngsters!

- De Japanske haver - Asian botanical garden

- Faaborg golfklub - A nice golf course on the hills.

- Veteran toget - An excitting train ride

- Shopping i Faaborg -


Other practical Links:

- Faaborg turistbureau - Local tourist office

- Forrest and Natur - The states natures dept.

- Googles route planer - Need help to find your way?

- Fynshav-Bøjden færgen - Local ferry

Other local Bed & breakfast

I can recommend the following:
- Katterøds bed & breakfast - Quiet place by a historical forest, 4 Km Easst of Faaborg, on the way to Svendborg.